How to Play

  1. GSTV Share Bazar Malamal Contest is an investing simulation game.
  2. Register / Login
  3. Select the game
  4. You have Rs 5 lacs virtual money for investing in shares
  5. You have to select compulsory 10 best shares with buying quantity.
  6. Buy quantity for each of your Scrip
  7. Ensure to utilize all or Maximum your virtual money completely to gain maximum profit.
  8. Selection will be opened till end of every Sunday 12.00 am for Current Weekly Game. But you can join anytime Next Week Game during current week.
  9. Once you select your portfolio (10 shares), you will not be able to edit. However if you want to make some edition, by sharing your portfolio on Facebook you will get the chance to edit.
  10. After picking up your shares, you can monitor your portfolio's performance
  11. Daily Share Prices (Closed Price) will be updated after end of the Stock Market (BSE)
  12. End of the week (Friday), Top 3 Highest Profit Making Portfolio owners will be announced as Winners.