Rules & Regulation

  1. User must register to play the weekly contest game
  2. Every game is a weekly game that is from Monday to Sunday
  3. User can participate in a current week's contest till Sunday end of day (12.00am). User cannot participate after that in the current week's contest
  4. User can participate in a next week's contest in an advance
  5. Current Scrip Prices are with respect to Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).
  6. User will get opening balance of Rs. 5,00,000 virtual money (points) in every game
  7. User must need to select exact 10 stock in order to build their portfolio. User should try to use the given money at its fullest to increase their portfolio value.
  8. Your portfolio valuation will be updated automatically every day evening after closing of the market with the latest closing rates of BSE
  9. Your portfolio valuation will be compared against the base value of Rs. 5,00,000 given to you at the start of the contest
  10. You can edit your portfolio by sharing it on your facebook wall or with your facebook friends for the first 3 days from contest start date. You cannot edit your portfolio afterward
  11. Results of previous week's contest will be declared on Monday
  12. Winners will be notified by email and phone as well by GSTV Team. Winner must need to present their identity proof in the given time frame to claim their prize at GSTV Office.
  13. Results will be finalized by GSTV Expert team by analysing the portfolios of all participating users. The main winning criteria will be the highest valuation of the portfolio while deciding the winners.
  14. GSTV reserves rights to cancel or abandon any user if found mischievous without any prior notice to the user.
  15. In case of any dispute GSTV reserves rights to take the final decision and it will be applied to all participants.
  16. In case of tie between winners, prize will be distributed equally.
  17. Multiple Portfolio owner will be eligible for One prize even if multiple portfolios lead, Highest prize will be given from them.
  18. This game is strictly for learning and skill purpose. If GSTV will find any mischievous/suspicious user or activity to win prizes, it may disqualify or blocked from the contest.
  19. A Winner has to collect the prize from GSTV's Ahmedabad office.
  20. A Winner has to collect the prize in 15 days from date of the announcement. After that, winner will not be able to claim the prize.
  21. A winner has to submit copy of ID proof to claim the prize.